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 All checks in place ~ Mid Day
 Biologists at SGNP track and identify 10 leopards by playing spot the difference ~ Mumbai Mirror
 Cameras installed for SGNP project stolen ~ Hindustan Times
 Cat Trail ~ The Indian Express
 Devotion vs pollution ~ Mid Day
'Removal of encroachments, boundary wall my top priorities' ~ Hindustan Times
 Here's a chance to count wild cats in the forest ~ Mid Day
 Leopards preying on dogs more than deer ~ Mid-day
 Line-transect survey on at SGNP, to help manage park better ~ Express India
 Mumbai for Me After leaving park, Mumbai's rivers get polluted ~ The Times of India>
 Mumbai gets less funds for district plan than Pune, Thane ~ Times Of India
 SGNP cameras capture elusive ruddy mongoose ~ Mumbai Mirror
 SGNP to soon become an adventure sports haven ~ Mid Day
 State releases Rs 5cr for eco-tourism ~ Times Of India
 2 yrs after lioness killed worker, SGNP to get mechanised gates ~ Express India
 Camera traps at SGNP show leopards straying to outskirts ~ Hindustan Times
 Cameras capture big cats snoozing ~ MiD DAY
 Cops to crack down on frisky couples in SGNP ~ MiD DAY
 Leopard sighting triggers panic, 30,000 people under house arrest ~ NDTV
 Mumbai Journal: Fighting to Save Our Precious Forest ~ India Real Time
 Leopard kills man in Kashimira ~ DNA Mumbai
 Leopard meets fatal end on busy highway ~ The Times of India
 SGNP guards get weapons training ~ Express India
 State's first radio-tagged leopard killed ~ Hindustan Times
 Right on spot: Camera trap captures leopard at SGNP ~ Mumbai Mirror
 SGNP staff to track wild animals with GPS, cameras ~ Mumbai Mirror

 Leopard awareness camp report SGNP (2012) ~ Krishna Tiwari
 Recommendations leopard awareness camps (2012) ~ Krishna Tiwari
 Visits to Leopard conflict areas of Aarey Milk Colony Jan 2013 ~ Pawan Sharma
 BNHS City Forest report 2006
 Checklist snakes of mumbai Bhide and Captain 2011
 Mirza Sanap. Biodiversity of Aarey Milk COlony and Film city 2007 - 2009
 Reptiles and Amphibians of SGNP Mirza and Pal 2008
 Thane Creek revealed Shantanu Joshi 2012
 Bhalle Bhatti Mayes Sanjay Gandhi National Park a concise report
 BNHS leopard SGNP study 2008-09
 BNHS City Forest report 2007
 Edgaonkar and Chellam 1998 preliminary study of the ecology of leopard in SGNP Maharashtra WII
 Mumbai Human Development Report 2009 OUP
 Spiders of SGNP by Bastawade and Dharmendra

Scientific Papers
 Encroachments in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
 Mirza et al 2010 notes on a Ground Gecko geckoelle Russion Journal of Herpetology vol 17
 Mirza Sanap Siliwal 2011 Robust Trapdoor Tarantula Haploclastus validus notes on taxonomy distribution and natural history jour