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What started out as a small 5 member group that cleans up the SGNP has gained a huge momentum to become a team of 25 people. We had begun this drive in may 2011 with the intentions to eliminate non-biodegradable wastes from Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali that have been littered by the tourists/visitors. So every Sunday, our team comes together to clean up our nature’s asset.

Our aims through this initiative are:

!. Remove all plastics and non-biodegradable waste that have been littered by tourists at various public areas in the park.
2. Develop a self-sustaining model which helps us remove these wastes through assistance from the locals inside the park. We intend to develop an incentive based system to the locals who will then collect the waste inside the park and earn some extra income through it by recycling it.
3. Create an awareness program for every visitor to respect the nature and avoid inappropriate littering. This is to be done through regulated educational videos and beginning a cycle hiring club inside the park to avoid pollution (air/noise). We are looking to identify further ideas to help us appeal to the less educated class of the park visitors.

What have we achieved so far:
Since may 2011 we have collected almost 12 tons of Plastic/Garbage which has been given for recycling.

!. We have expanded our group and collection volumes to about 700kgs of waste just during a sunday morning cleaning drive.
2. We are right now structuring our cycle hiring system and ways to collect donations for our initiative.
3. We are creating a waste collection centre in the park where locals could deposit their waste collection and get some income out of it.
The core team consists of :
1. Kamal Kothari
2. Nikita Kothari
3. Mahendra Upadhyay 
4. Bajrang Agrawal
5. Gopal Jhaveri